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We make crypto easy



Bitcoin Corner is a company that will fulfill the requirements of a BaFin-certified bank focusing on crypto by means of the ICO in the future.

The focus lies on becoming the first holistic service provider and knowledge broker in the crypto segment. In this capacity, Bitcoin Corner facilitates investors’ entry and handling of cryptocurrencies – worldwide and to an unprecedented extent.

In addition, local corner stores serve not only as a point of contact for interested parties and sales and training, but also to promote the acceptance of coins at surrounding offline retailers and shopkeepers.


What is the most cryptic aspect of cryptos to investors?

  1. Where can cryptocurrencies be bought?
  2. How does the purchasing process look like?
  3. What is the best way to invest? (Mining, Trading, Buy & Hold, etc.)
  4. Which risk classes exist?
  5. Which of the 1,700 coins is worth investing in?
  6. How do I best secure my coins?
  7. Whom can I turn to PERSONALLY?


For many people these questions are unanswered…

But that will finally change. Thanks to Bitcoin-Corner.

Through our holistic service concept, we make cryptocurrencies accessible to EVERYONE and also promote the mass acceptance of cryptos nationwide!

We make it simple!



Ten years ago, Bitcoin, the first functioning cryptocurrency, hit the scene: deliberately as a philanthropic and stable alternative to the crisis-prone and corrupt old-style banking system.

Humanity and sustainability are values that decisively shape us and our work – including the development of our own bank. And that’s why our bank will not be a bank like any other.

We are proving that ambitious pursuit of profit and humaneness do not need to be opposites. This is our contribution to making this world a little better.





August 2018

Technical creation of the Corner Coins
Formation of BTC Corner Limited
Beginning of the ICO (August 15, 2018)


Search for and identification of appropriate sites for the opening of the first BitcoinCorner Store in Frankfurt am Main and Regensburg, Germany
Begin personnel recruitment and selection


Development of Crypto-Education-Programs
Completion of the implementation concept of the crypto workshops

February 2019

Begin of a systematically targeting of merchants & servicers as future points of acceptance Collection
Completion of the Easy-Crypto-Concept

March 2019

Opening of the first BitcoinCorner store in Frankfurt or Regensburg

May 2019

Preparation of the required documents for the application of the banking license
Opening of the next BitcoinCorner store in Minsk

May 2019

Opening of the fourth BitcoinCorner store in Hamburg, Germany

August 2019

End of the ICO (14th of August)

September 2019

Application for the banking license and liability umbrella
Listing of the Corner Coins on the leading Exchanges
Introduction of the Corner Coin App

March 2020

Search of further appropriate sites for the operation of BitcoinCorner Stores in in Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and South America.

November 2020

Granting of banking license by the competent authorities expected
Opening of further BitcoinCorner stores in London, Moscow and Shanghai

December 2020

Starting with sales of cryptocurrencies and trading activities
Opening of stores in other countries
Installment of ATMs

Charity #CoCo4Life

CoCo4Life is a man-made helper construct that supports all countries where we will implement the Corner Coin as Bitcoin Corner.

It is not only aimed towards countries with low available resources, but also at the “rich and big” countries. Especially the big and wealth countries often overlook the smallest ones.

Possible Projects

  • Children
  • Schools
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Ocean
  • Prevention (drugs, abuse)
  • Education (scholarships)
  • Animal welfare

After we have registered with a bank, a selected group will help us launch this fund and ensure that funds are used directly without detours, accurately and effectively.

Bitcoin Corner will lead by example and start this fund with a 6-figure amount. Each partner can voluntarily donate 1% of their income.

The true value of life is helping other people without giving themselves up.

Einfach schön

Dieses Bonussystem hat’s in sich

Unser Bonussystem ist nicht nur einfach schön. Es ist auch schön einfach.
Eben typisch Bitcoin-Corner.
Denn die meisten Gratis-Token kannst du dir sichern, wenn du in der allerersten Phase einsteigst. Merk dir einfach: je schneller, desto besser.
Ein attraktives Bonussystem für dich schaffen? Wir machen’s einfach!


1 – 50,000,000 BCC


50,000,001 – 100,000,000 BCC


100,000,001 – 150,000,000 BCC


150,000,001 – 200,000,000 BCC


200,000,001 – 250,000,000 BCC


Smart Contract

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Token Details

Name des Coins Corner Coin
Ticker Symbol CoCo
Starting Price ICO 1 CoCo für EUR 0.10
Anzahl Tokens produziert (technisches Limit) 400 Millionen
Maximale Anzahl Coins zum Verkauf 250 Millionen
Fundraising Goal EUR 30.3 Millionen
Minimum Purchase 1,000 CPC
Name des Coins Corner Coin
Ticker Symbol CoCo
Starting Price ICO 1 CoCo für EUR 0.10
Anzahl Tokens produziert (technisches Limit) 400 Millionen
Maximale Anzahl Coins zum Verkauf 250 Millionen
Fundraising Goal EUR 30.3 Millionen
Minimum Purchase 1,000 Corner Coins


We are already in negotiations with 2 European banks. Both have expressed great interest in cooperating with us and will launch exclusive products with us. Our main goal is still to get our own banking license.
  • During the ICO phase by recommendation to investors, customers and distribution partners
  • Placement of licensed crypto-products (Crypto-Funds, creation of portfolios, savings plans) + profit sharing
  • Arranging Crypto ATM’s + Fee Participation
  • Mediation of our connection concept for online and offline stores of all kinds
  • Holder of our Corner Coins (CoCo) – After the ICO we intend to apply for the conversion of the ERC20 token into a security token. All token holders receive an annual distribution amounting to 40% of the profits of Bitcoin Corner.
Almost all companies in the crypto market are flooded with a “sword of Damocles” in the form of regulatory authorities. For example, the Bafin in Germany, FMA in Austria, etc. The crypto market is currently largely unregulated. Many believe that cryptos will always remain anonymous, since they are a decentralised system. “Nothing will happen” they say. However, it is only a matter of time until regulation hits the country, especially since cryptocurrencies are on the rise. 99% of crypto products (companies that offer mining, trading, master nodes) are threatening regulation.

If e.g. the Bafin or FMA thinks that these products qualify as financial products, then each of these companies will need a corresponding banking license to resell their products. If they can not show this banking license they are, at worst, threatened with repayment (including repayment of earned profits and commissions from sales partners and customers)

No! Most of the stores are opened where sales develop and move forward. The stores should not only be a contact point for interested parties but also for distribution partners. The opening of the stores (in addition to the already planned locations) takes place in close consultation with us.
Our ICO is handled through our company in Malta. Malta, because there is already a very clear regulation for ICO’s. Bitcoin Corner Bank becomes a German stock corporation.

The §34f GeWo is still necessary, despite the liability umbrella , right?

No, absolutely not! The liability umbrella is also a separate company and acts as a legal entity. It will enable the distribution to recommend and mediate our products without the appropriate §34f GeWo.

Yes! We have even carried out a field trial with several dozen shops in different cities. 90% of the shops are already on the waiting list for our connection concept.
According to a statement issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance in June 2018, six German banks are already trading in cryptocurrencies. So we do not have to set up a special crypto bank. Many are of the assumption, that the foundation requires special permits. They believe that you have to apply for something that no one has ever requested before us. But EVERY bank should be able to trade cryptocurrencies with a normal banking license. Hardly any bank does it though, since many “conservative” banks believe the crypto market is still too “young” to make it accessible to its customers.
We do not compete with others who have already tried or know someone who knows someone who once tried and failed. We already have all the prerequisites.

Our Team